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twitter canfacebook canyoutube canlinkedin can was created to assist basketball coaches in the purchase of video products that will aid in the development of their respective basketball programs. We are in tough economic times with budget crunches hitting every school, so making the right decision on what coaching DVDs and Videos to purchase for your program is critical.
Better than Youtube! Incredible selection, easy to navigate, several long clips...Plus, our members view, evaluate and rate just about every video on this site, providing additional assistance in the decision making process. (510 ) video previews, up to 10 minutes in length, are currently being evaluated by coaches in our "members only" area! New video previews added upon release from the manufacturer!

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We're giving you a chance to kick the tires a bit and see what's under the hood of some of the best basketball teaching videos available. Production quality, presentation and an overview of information delivered can all be obtained by watching our video previews.

We strive to update this site each month and each year with some of the best coaching DVDs and Videos on the market. Your low LIFETIME membership fee of $57.00 will allow our company to keep this site up-to-date with the latest and greatest basketball video resources produced.

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